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Goddess Victoria wanted to use female domination to control this girl. The mistresses needed to make sure that this girl was never loud mouthed again. They had tried to talk to her but it did not help. That is why they had to torture her and to send a cruel message. So they dominated her by turning her into a foot slave. So she licked their feet and sucked their toes.

When it comes to degradation, this mistress does not joke. She loves to do it and she did it today. The mistress used her hot body to do it and by the time she was done with him, he was scared and tried to run away as he did not want her to do anything else to him. He had never been as scared as he was when she did it.

Lady Velvet wanted to scare this guy but at the same time, she did not want to inflict any pain on him. In fact, the mistress did not even want to touch him as she scared him. Today the mistress chose to do it with her words. She made him think that she would do all the things she told him about. She made them dark and cruel but did not do any of it as he was already scared.

Lady Despina and her friend wanted to make sure that their neighbor stopped being a pain in the ass and a nuisance so they humiliated him in a way he would never forget. The poor guy was forced to lie down while naked and he was trampled on and had his balls busted by the mistresses. He was in pain as they felt that it would teach him a leson.

This mistress knew that she had to have a lot of fun and she chose to have it at the expense of this loser. The mistress chose to use her sneakers to trample this guy and when she was done with him, she chose to use her sneakers to crush food. When she was done, she made him eat the crushed food from the floor and from the soles of her sneakers.

Mistress Marilyn wanted this stalker to be dominated as well as degraded. That is why she went out of her way to lay a trap for him. When she caught him, she punished him and she did this with her smothering. He was shocked as he never expected to be caught. He did not even know she knew he was a stalker. But the pain he felt from the punishment made him stop stalking.

This guy was too dumb for lady Sarah. She did not want to have to deal with someone like that and that is why she opted to degrade him with her jerk off instructions before she chased him away. The mistress made him do some humiliating things to himself and she had a great time watching as he did what she instructed him to do. He was too dumb to even see that he was being humiliated.

Mistress Sarah was shocked at the behavior exhibited by this girl. She tried to talk to her in a friendly manner to get her to change but the girl ignored her and even talked badly. The mistress had tried to help but the girl went overboard. So she snapped and punished the girl cruelly by forcing her to lick her feet, gag on them and even lick the toilet before she let her go.

Goddess Lena had beef with her slave and she had to dominate him. She did so with her feet and she gagged him hard. He was tied up and could not help himself or resist what she did. The mistress even slapped him with her feet before she felt that what she had done was enough and she stopped. He feared her and always respected her after that humiliating gagging.

Mistress Bianca and mistress Caroline were shocked to learn that this girl had grown close to them but in the hope that she could find something to blackmail them. When she tried to do so, she regretted as they were not going to let her do it. So they cruelly spat on her and trampled her so that she learned her lesson in a way that she would not forget.

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