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Queen Marie needed this guy to stop being irresponsible because she felt that he was and had to stop. She did not care what the guy felt as well as what he did. All she was interested in was torturing him which she did without caring about what his welfare. The poor could not believe what the mistress did but he knew she was pissed and he did not want to piss her off anymore.

Lady Vampira felt that this guy was a wanker and that he had to be punished. That is exactly what she dd to him as she cruelly dominated him with her high heel boots. The mistress had to do things she had not done to him before and she used her high heels to trample and crush him until he cried and begged for mercy. He also peed his pants.

Lady Nisha felt that this guy had to be punished as cruelly as she needed to and that is why she had to go out of her way to dominate as well as torture him. She did not want to let him get away with what he had done and that is why she used her foot to gag him and nearly choke him while at it. It worked as intended.

Mistress Olivia needed to pass a cruel message to this guy and she did it without thinking hard about it. She deserved to be punished and the mistress did not hesitate to do it. She had to torture the girl and it happened in a way she had never expected. But it worked and she never pissed her off again as she knew what would happen in case she did.

Mistress Emily wanted this colleague to know that she would not let him get away with constantly being a pain in the ass. That is why she chose to use her female domination to dominate him and to humiliate him. The guy was shocked at what she did and that is how he learned his lesson the hard way and he never looked back after what she did to him.

Goddess Kira wanted to dominate this guy in order to scare the shit out of him. That is why she went out of her way to humiliate this guy and do things that he had never done before. The mistress used her hot body to tease him and when she had him where she wanted, she teased and denied him before she turned cruel and scared him like he had never experienced.

Goddess Mia felt that she had to use humiliation to pass a message to this guy. She did so in a way the guy never felt before and in a way that he had never done. The mistress used her boots to scare the guy and told him that if he did not lick them and suck her toes, he would be crushed by her boots on his balls. He was scared and did what she wanted.

Mistress Karina and mistress Rada had found out that their friend was not as diligent as they wished she would be and that she had been a liability a few times. Since she was not changing, they had to deal with her and they did it in a cruel manner. She was shocked at what the mistresses did and how they cruelly made her to lick their muddy boots and trampled her with them.

Madame Marissa did not want any disturbance from her ex and she felt that he was being a nuisance to her. So she had to punish him for that and she did it with her trampling fetish. She had thrown him down and she descended on him with her boots and she trampled him as painfully as she was able to do. It was cruel and it was painful the way she wanted it to be.

Lady Velvet wanted to scare this guy but at the same time, she did not want to inflict any pain on him. In fact, the mistress did not even want to touch him as she scared him. Today the mistress chose to do it with her words. She made him think that she would do all the things she told him about. She made them dark and cruel but did not do any of it as he was already scared.

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