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Lady Zora was frustrated with how slow her slave was and she had to do something about it. She felt that he had to change and since he was not taking the initiative to change on his own, she had to force him to change. She went ahead to make him change by facesitting on him and choking him. Lady Zora first of all told him what she will do to him before going ahead to do it.

Mistress Sofi observed that her slave had a habit of lateness and she did not like it. She had tried to talk to him but it did not seem to help as he did it again and again. So today she got fed up of talking and she crushed his face with her ass to make him feel pain and also feel humiliated. Those things helped her to change and learn his lesson.

Four hot girls in jeans go to get some coffee. Candy, Aurora and Hadley are clearly dominant over the smaller Kacie. They make her lie on a table while they sit on her face with their sexy jeans asses. She starts to smother as they facesit on her with their full weight but they just push down harder. Kacie squirms under their asses while fighting to take a breath.

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