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Mistress Electra was interested in dominating and torturing this guy and she did it with her bare feet. She had the guy lie down and she used her bare feet to trample the shit out of him. The mistress had fun making sure that the guy's face as crushed and trampled as painfully as she could. He tried to beg for mercy but she did not care about what he felt.

Mistress Viola and her friend mistress Valerie wanted to enjoy themselves and they did so by teasing this guy and having him pamper their feet as well as they wanted. They had seen on the internet that it was a thing and that is why they went out of their way to get a loser to do it for them. It was fun as they got their feet licked and their toes sucked.

Mistress Clarissa had been made to do some crazy things when her husband won the bet last time. Today she won it and she had to make him get her revenge. The mistress had her man lick the soles of her boots as she sat back, recorded it all and she laughed at him and the faces he made as he licked her boots. It was a great day for her.

Mistress Tatjana needed to teach this guy a lesson because she felt that he did not take things seriously. That is why she opted to use her bare feet to trample the shit out of him. So she had him lie down and she head crushed him for fun. He could not believe what she did to him and the kind of pain he felt as she stomped on his facel.

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