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Lady Scarlet did not like this guy because he was condescending and she felt he needed to drop that act. The mistress felt that she would do well humiliating him as well as dominating him. That is why she threw him down, choked him and gagged him with her strapon. He was shocked as he had never been made to account for his actions before. He changed after that punishment.

When this guy asked mistress Gea, lady Scarlet and mistress Cleo for a loan, they did not agree to give it to her. Instead, they told him they could give him money he did not need to repay but he had to agree to be trampled by the mistresses. He agreed and the mistresses had a great time torturing him but at least he got good money out of it.

Lady Scarlet wanted to make a guy scream so she looked out for the guy who bragged about his masculinity and she used him for her experiment to make a guy cry. She was able to do it when she had this guy place his hands on a stool for her to crush. That is when he realized that she meant everything she said and he never tried to brag about his masculinity again.

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