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Mistress Lindsey loves to do naughty things and today she took advantage of her hot ass and her sexy figure to tease this guy. She wore some sexy lingerie and she used it to tease this guy. He was turned on and wanted to fuck her but she did not let him do it. Instead, the mistress dominated him by making him a facesitting and fart slave as well as trampling him.

Mistress Lindsey wanted to dominate and punish this guy for insensitivity and that is exactly what she did to him. The mistress teased him to get him to think that she did not have any issue with him. He was turned on and that is how he took the bait. When he was horny, she tied him up and acted like it was for fun before she degraded him and smothered him as punishment.

Mistress Lindsey wanted to tease and deny this guy. He was horny and he was interested in not only hitting on her, but also fucking her. The mistress did not want that to happen so she tied him up and then teased him some more before she left him high and dry. He tried to beg her to let him cum but she did not. He could not believe that she had done that.

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