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Mistress Lisa loved to get others to do things for her. She enjoyed teasing them and making them feel special whereas that got them to do things for her that would have required her to do. This guy was teased and flirted with and he loved her hot body. But that was not all as the mistress the guy do her work. It was a lot and challenging but he had the motivation to do it.

Mistress Lisa had messed up at work and she was not in good terms with her supervisor. Luckily for her, he had a thing for her and she used her gorgeous ass and big tits to turn him on by teasing him. That is how she got him to forgive her and she was able to retain her job. She did not even have to sleep with him. She just made him cum with jerk off instructions.

Mistress Lisa noticed that her neighbor had a habit of peeping on her. She did not like that behavior but she felt that it was important for her to make him stop it. So she hatched a plan to do that. She waited until he did it before she teased him with her hot body. The mistress touched herself seductively and turned the guy on before she left him high and dry.

Lisa Jordan is one hot mistress. She has killer looks and is very naughty. And she likes to flirt and make her pay pigs jerk off to the sight of her nice ass and big boobs as well as lovely figure

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