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Mistress Dula and her friend wanted this guy to know that he had done things for which he had to be punished. He was clueless but they did not care and they had to hand down the punishment cruelly. He was forced to lick the soles of their boots in addition to other punishments that they wanted him to endure. He never understood why he was being punished but he did not dare ask.

Mistress Dula and her friend caught this guy misbehaving in front of guests and they tried their best to handle the situation as well as they could. But when the guests left, the mistresses had to punish him painfully and they did it in a way he never expected. He was trampled and kicked in the balls besides being made to fuck a pumpkin. They then crushed it and fed him while it was raw.

Mistress Dula needed to dominate this bartender and she did it in a way he had never ever experienced in his life. He was used to being a darling of the babes and he thought he could do whatever he wanted to them and with them. But he was shocked when she trampled him with her high heels and she made him learn his lesson in a painful and humiliating way.

This slave needed to be reminded who was boss. He seemed to forget what his position was and he had to be put in his place. The mistresses humiliated him well and they ensured that he learned his lesson in a way he would never forget. The mistresses made him lick the soles of their dirty boots and he did so out of fear of what they would do if he refused.

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