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This guy had pissed mistress Iside and she had to punish him. She told him she was not going to forgive him blindly and she did not. The mistress chose to use her boots to punish him. He was to lick them clean and he did as she instructed him. That is when he was able to get her to forgive him. He knew doing anything less than that would not earn him forgiveness.

When this guy was rude to mistress Iside and mistress Eden, he did not know that the punishment would be as cruel as it ended up being. The mistresses tied him down while he was naked and he was forced to smell their farts. In addition, he was threatened with shit but it was to make him cooperate with them and they did not shit on him as they had threatened to.

This guy had a lot of mistress Iside's secrets and she did not want him to tell anyone. So she ballbusted him so as to make him understand that if he ever told anyone even a little secret, he would have himself to blame for what would happen to him. He was in a lot of pain but he understood what she wanted him to understand and he never told anyone her secrets.

Mistress Iside wanted this guy to know who she was as she felt he had been taking her for granted for a long time. So the mistress used her high heels to give him the lesson he needed. She trampled him and watched as he cried and begged for her mercy as the pain of her high heel trampling got to him. But she did not care and she went on doing her thing.

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