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This slave girl had bad manners which this mistress had to take acre of if she was going to continue living with the girl. So she trampled her using her high heels and before she was done with her, she had her lie down and she slapped the shit out of her then she spat on her face. She used him as a human ashtray and then she chased him from her house.

This mistress felt that instead of stopping her friendship with this girl, she would teach her a lesson she had never been taught before. She had hoped her friend would support her but she did not. She managed to do things by herself and when her friend came to congratulate her and wanted her assistance, she facesat on her and she humiliated her and taught her the value of supporting friends.

These mistresses are pretty and they are also naughty. They flaunted their nice asses today and they drove this guy nuts. What he did not know was that he was their target for humiliation and that he had fallen for their trap. The mistresses did not spare him as they used their asses and their boots to dominate him and humiliate him as well as they wanted him to be humiliated.

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