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This guy was so unproductive that these mistresses felt that the best thing to do to him was to trample him as well as humiliate him to teach him a lesson in productivity. They did not want to pay someone who did not give them value for money. So they trampled him with their high heels as well as got him to drink their pee and lick their smelly assholes.

Goddess Mel had beef with her boyfriend. She did not like how he talked to her and she was not going to let them get out of there without him learning that it was not ok to talk to her in that manner. So she did what she does best and she used her sneakers to humiliate him. He had to lick them and she did not care who saw them.

When this mistress learned that she had a slave who needed to be punished, she did not hesitate to do it. And she made sure that she had humiliated him the way he needed to be humiliated. So the mistress used her bare feet to do it and when she was done with that, she made him smell her farts and that is what helped her teach him a lesson.

This mistress did not like what her husband was trying to do with her. They had separated so that they could have time to sort out their differences but he did not seem to be using the time for what it was intended. So she made him lick her asshole and smell her farts for him to focus. He was shocked by her cruelty and humiliation of him that he focused and did what she asked.

This guy was a loser but he thought he had a chance with mistress Emily. She could not believe it but she chose to play his game. She went ahead to tease him and show off her round and gorgeous ass. He loved what he saw but when he was turned on and tried to approach her, she told him he could only see her hot body but not touch it.

Princess Scarlett wanted to show off her sexy ass to this guy but at the same time punish him. She did that easily as she teased him with her ass and he took the bait. Thereafter, the mistress had a great time facesitting him with her g-string and she also had time to choke him and trample him. He realized when it was too late that she was not after fun with him but after her own fun.

Mistress Alexandra and her friends wanted this guy to learn that he could not go around scamming people for a living. He had to learn to change his life and to do things the right way. That is why the mistresses stripped him naked and they trampled him with their high heels. In addition, the mistresses also kicked him and stomped on him before they let him go and warned him to stop scamming people.

This guy was attracted to mistress Carla's hot ass and she used it to bait him. He could not help but get turned on as she put on a show for him. He checked out what she did with her ass and with her asshole and he wished he could slide his rock hard dick into her tight asshole. But instead of doing that, she teased him and denied him besides farting on him.

Lady Stefanie was trying to teach this guy a lesson and she did it in the presence of his wife. He was a serial cheater and his wife is the one who took her to lady Stefanie for some punishment. She did not hesitate to punish him and she did so using her trampling fetish. She crushed his balls and asked his wife to do it too and she did.

Mistress Mystique has a big ass and she is not afraid of using it to punish anyone she wants to. This guy was one of those she wanted to punish and she punished him by covering his face with her ass. His face was covered between her butt cheeks and he was choking before she let him free. But he had to lick her asshole first and it was sweaty and smelly.

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