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This guy was a loser but he thought he had a chance with mistress Emily. She could not believe it but she chose to play his game. She went ahead to tease him and show off her round and gorgeous ass. He loved what he saw but when he was turned on and tried to approach her, she told him he could only see her hot body but not touch it.

Princess Scarlett wanted to show off her sexy ass to this guy but at the same time punish him. She did that easily as she teased him with her ass and he took the bait. Thereafter, the mistress had a great time facesitting him with her g-string and she also had time to choke him and trample him. He realized when it was too late that she was not after fun with him but after her own fun.

This mistress is one of the hottest girls in school and this guy wanted to look popular and a stud so he lied that he was dating her and that he was even tired of her. She did not like that very much so she looked for him and she made regret what he had done and issue a public apology and own up to what he had done. He did all this after she had punished him by trampling him, slapping him and letting him know all the cruel and crazy things she would do to him if he did not.

Mistress Cucciolo had beef with this girl slave so she took her to the woods. They drove there but when she spotted a rough patch which was muddy and had dirty water, she stopped the car and she asked the girl slave to get out of the car. She then went ahead to turn the girl into a human pony and she had to carry the mistress over the muddy section before she use her muddy boots to trample her.

Mistress Alexandra and her friends wanted this guy to learn that he could not go around scamming people for a living. He had to learn to change his life and to do things the right way. That is why the mistresses stripped him naked and they trampled him with their high heels. In addition, the mistresses also kicked him and stomped on him before they let him go and warned him to stop scamming people.

Mistress Evgenia and her friend mistress Sandra had to punish this guy because he was behind a smear campaign targeting them. They had tried to tell him to stop it but he did not so they had no choice but to punish him and get him to learn his lesson the hard way. He was shocked by what they did to him as they stripped him naked and forced him to smell dirty panties, get choked and had to lick their heels before being trampled.

This guy was attracted to mistress Carla's hot ass and she used it to bait him. He could not help but get turned on as she put on a show for him. He checked out what she did with her ass and with her asshole and he wished he could slide his rock hard dick into her tight asshole. But instead of doing that, she teased him and denied him besides farting on him.

Goddess Chanel is not too fond of perverted guys and she likes to punish them any chance she gets. And today was one of those days for her and she could not miss doing it. The mistress even recorded herself doing it. She used her shoes to dominate and trample this guy and she did it as cruelly as she could until she saw him cry and beg her for mercy.

Lady Stefanie was trying to teach this guy a lesson and she did it in the presence of his wife. He was a serial cheater and his wife is the one who took her to lady Stefanie for some punishment. She did not hesitate to punish him and she did so using her trampling fetish. She crushed his balls and asked his wife to do it too and she did.

Mistress Jennifer was seated on this guy's face and she danced and wiggled her ass while she was on it. She enjoyed the performance on his face but he did not even though her ass and her pussy were on his face. He was not breathing properly and as she moved, it was painful to him and there was no way he could enjoy that in as much as he wanted her pussy on his face.

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