Female domination Clips - Sexy girls and mistresses dominating male slaves - Page 30

This mistress did not like how her friend's ex had hurt her and was now trying to get back together with her. She could tell he had no changed and she did not want them back together as she knew her friend would be hurt again. She did not trust her friend to make a sane decision so she head trampled and dominated her friend's ex to make him stay away from her.

Mistress Roxanne was on phone and she needed all the concentration she could master so she told her slave that much but he did not listen to her. He kept talking and she snapped and ass sat his face. She choked him a little until he peed. And she did this as he begged her for mercy and wished that he had not disregarded her advice to stay quiet for a little bit.

Lady Stefanie wanted to crush this loser because he had spanked her and yet she did not even know him. The fact that she has a gorgeous ass was not a license for him to do what he had done and that is why she used her high heels to hand trample him to make sure his hands never did such a thing to someone he did not know in a way that allowed him to do that.

Goddess Kiffa wanted her ex to feel what she felt when he cheated on her. So she met this hot stud and she had a sex date with him and then she pretended to want to fuck her ex too. Her ex ran to her house but instead of fucking her, he was forced to watch as she fucked a hotter and better endowed guy than him. In addition, he was made to lick their feet.

Princess Scarlet was looking for someone to humiliate and as fate would have it, this guy spanked her ass because it is a gorgeous ass. And just like that, she found someone to torture and humiliate. The mistress lied to him that she liked it and he followed her to get some more. But when they got to her house, he was turned into an ass slave and she facesat on him.

Lady Fenja did not like how this guy cyberbullied other people and she had to make sure he learned his lesson. He had bullied her but it did not matter. So the mistress hunted him down and when she ball kicked him as cruelly as she was able to. She did it to make sure that he learned from the pain he felt as she nut broke him and hand trampled him.

Lady Asmodina likes to punish guys in the woods and today was no different. She had noticed a grave error this guy had made and she was not going to forgive it. So she took him to the woods and she made him undress before she had him lick her boots. As he did, she whipped him and made him cry like a little baby. She ignored his cries of pain.

Goddess Mia came home drunk and she did not have a reason to dominate her slave but she was high and she was not thinking straight so she dominated him with her cigarette and by facesitting him. The slave was shocked but he could not do anything other than to follow her instructions. She was drunk but he feared she would remember what he did not do when she sobered up.

This mistress had asked this guy to do some photography work for her but he did not do it as well as she had hoped he would and she had to punish him. He was tortured when the mistress cruelly stomped him with her boots and she crushed him to make sure he never did such shoddy work for anyone else. In fact, she made him pay her for wasting her time.

Mistress Alexis can be cruel when she wants to and today she had to be. This guy had pissed her off and he had to know the kind of person he had messed with. The mistress used her spit to start off the punishment. He was made to drink her spit and when he was done, she facesat on him to add salt to injury and he was powerless against it all.

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