Female domination Clips - Sexy girls and mistresses dominating male slaves - Page 32

When it comes to this mistress, you can do anything to her but not mess with her money. She does not allow anyone to mess with her money and if you try, you will have yourself to blame. This guy did not know that and he lost the money she had given him to invest for her. She choked him with her ass as she facesat on him and she made sure he paid her back every single coin.

Mistresses Nikki, Mini and Nomi quit their jobs and they started their own company. They still had beef with their ex boss and they had to teach him a lesson for the sake of those who chose to remain at the company. The mistresses made him lick their assholes, smell their farts and they even threatened to shit on him but they did not as they felt he looked remorseful.

This mistress felt that instead of stopping her friendship with this girl, she would teach her a lesson she had never been taught before. She had hoped her friend would support her but she did not. She managed to do things by herself and when her friend came to congratulate her and wanted her assistance, she facesat on her and she humiliated her and taught her the value of supporting friends.

Mistress Kira and her friend mistress Sofi had an issue with this guy. They wanted him to shut up but he did not. So they were left with no choice but to make sure that he learned his lesson the hard way. He was facesat on after being tied up. He was at their mercy and he had to learn his lesson the hard way and he never made that mistake again.

When mistress Tiffany's slave had a backache and needed help with it, she chose to help him by massaging it to make him feel better. But she realized she could not massage him and so she chose to trample and stomp him which she did with her dirty boots until he felt better. But she did not stop and instead she continued and it soon became a painful affair for him.

This guy had a lot of mistress Iside's secrets and she did not want him to tell anyone. So she ballbusted him so as to make him understand that if he ever told anyone even a little secret, he would have himself to blame for what would happen to him. He was in a lot of pain but he understood what she wanted him to understand and he never told anyone her secrets.

This guy had expertise that these mistresses wanted but he was refusing to work for them and with them. So they had no option other than to force him to work for them and they did it by degrading him and humiliating him. He was teased and denied before he was made to lick feet, smell farts, drink pee and even lick the mistresses' soiled underwear. He had no choice.

Lady Scarlet wanted to make a guy scream so she looked out for the guy who bragged about his masculinity and she used him for her experiment to make a guy cry. She was able to do it when she had this guy place his hands on a stool for her to crush. That is when he realized that she meant everything she said and he never tried to brag about his masculinity again.

Lady Rockabella felt that this girl had to be punished as she had a condescending attitude. So she chose to punish her using her cigarette and the mistress turned her into her human ashtray. The girl was in a lot of pain and she cried out to lady Rockabella but she did not stop her punishment. Instead, she went on torturing the girl to make sure she meant all she said.

Mistress Kiffa took her slave to the bathroom and she tortured him there. He was made to lick the toilet floor and that was not all. The mistress made sure to use her high heels and she warned him that the next punishment would be to trample his balls and also to have him drink her pee. He was scared shitless and he learned to obey her at all times.

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