Female domination Clips - Sexy girls and mistresses dominating male slaves - Page 14

This guy was gluttonous and lady Monika and lady Chelsea did not want to be associated with a person. In fact, besides not wanting to associate with him, the mistresses also punished and humiliated him so that wherever he went and whoever he associated with, he would have changed his behavior for the better. So they turned him into a foot slave and had him lick their bare feet and smothered his face.

This mistress had worked in retail for a long time and she had come to understand all kinds of customers. She was a fairly good reader of people and she used her skills to sell. But she could tell that this customer was up to no good and she did not wait for him to make a mistake. The mistress used her boots to dominate him and send him away.

This mistress did not want to cry because her boyfriend had cheated on her. She did something even better by making him a cuckold. She made sure that he learned his lesson by forcing him to watch as she fucked another man and to make it worse, she rode his dick which was bigger than her boyfriend's and she did it raw. He had never been as degraded as he was that day.

This guy thought he was funny and he tried to roast mistress Natasha. She did not find him funny and she warned him to stop as she was not part of his shenanigans. But he did not stop so she punished him by trampling him with her bare feet and making sure he begged her for mercy. He never did it again as he was afraid of getting a similar treatment.

This con messed with the wrong mistress and he regretted it when she stripped him naked and she tied him up before she started using her whip on him. He had to endure her whipping and she did it indiscriminately. She whipped his nipples, she whipped his butt, she whipped his balls and even his dick before she let him go. She knew that he would never do it again.

Lady Sarah had been defamed by this guy but she knew he was a loser and he did not have much in terms of money and so she did not waste any time in suing him. Instead, she got even and got her revenge by stripping him naked, tying him to a tree and then ballbusting him and had fun at his expense. He never defamed anyone else after that.

This mistress had to teach this guy how to act and she did it in a cruel manner so that he would lean his lesson as intended. The mistress used her feet to trample the guy's face and she also trampled his balls. The two punishments worked the way she wanted them to and the guy got the message she was trying to pass across to him. And she never had to again as he had learned his lesson.

Lady Naomi wanted this guy to learn to obey her so she choked him with her hot ass. She facesat him and she laughed at him as he did her thing. He had messed with the wrong bitch and it was just dawning on him as he was being choked and humiliated by the sexy mistress. He did not expect such treatment but he learned his lesson and he improved.

Mistress Lucian and her friend had paid top dollar for the services of this guy but they did not like the kind of service they received from him. They also did not have a lot of time on their hands so they dominated him by trampling and crushing him while he was naked so that he learned to take their instructions clearly and fulfill them in order to avoid such humiliating punishment.

Mistress Tiffany does not tolerate or condone any disobedience from her slave and when this one was disobedient to her, she did not shy away from punishing him. The mistress did it brutally by ball kicking him while he was naked and that is what led to him learning his lesson and not pissing her off again as he knew what to expect if and when he disobeyed mistress Tiffany.

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