Female domination Clips - Sexy girls and mistresses dominating male slaves - Page 28

Mistress Lyla worked for a toxic boss and she did not like the things that he did. So she used her female domination fetish to torture him. He was in pain as she stripped him naked and she pulled his nipples painfully then whipped him. She did not care about what he felt but wanted to send a message that he had to start treating his employees better. Then she quit her job.

This realtor wanted to seduce mistress Corrine and thought that he could both sleep with her and do business with her. But the mistress could see his intentions from a mile away and she was not going to let him get what he wanted. Instead, the mistress humiliated him and she crushed his face with her ass in jeans. He was humiliated and in pain before she chased him away.

Lady Dark Angel did not like how her slave loved to be naked around the house. They were not dating and she was not comfortable seeing his nakedness. So she punished him so that he stopped doing what he did. He was in pain as she trampled and crushed the shit out of him. And that is how he learned never to be naked in her house except in his room and in the shower.

This slave was too dumb for lady Fenja and she could not believe just how dumb he was. She felt that it was up to her to do something about it so that he changed and that is why she chose to make him lick her feet as well as kneel down and endure hard and hot slaps on his face until he was red face. Still she did not stop.

Goddess Kiffa wanted to show this insubordinate slave that she could not condone his nonsense any longer. He had messed with the wrong person and he was about to find out just how bad it was. She trampled him and turned him into a foot slave. She had fun humiliating him and making him do things her way. And she did not care that he was in pain or that he was crying.

Mistress Lena looked like a timid person and one who could not hurt a fly. And she let a lot of people do things they should not do because she knew they stood no chance against her but they did not know that so she forgave them. But this guy went overboard and she could not keep quiet anymore. She unleashed terror on him and she made sure he suffered the consequences and that he was a lesson for the others.

Mistress Bruna was getting late for work and she wanted her boots to be licked clean as her slave had not cleaned them when he had the chance. The mistress did not feel bad for the slave as he had abandoned his work so he had to learn from his mistakes and improve next time. And he did as he did not want to go through that kind of humiliation again.

This guy was gluttonous and lady Monika and lady Chelsea did not want to be associated with a person. In fact, besides not wanting to associate with him, the mistresses also punished and humiliated him so that wherever he went and whoever he associated with, he would have changed his behavior for the better. So they turned him into a foot slave and had him lick their bare feet and smothered his face.

This mistress had worked in retail for a long time and she had come to understand all kinds of customers. She was a fairly good reader of people and she used her skills to sell. But she could tell that this customer was up to no good and she did not wait for him to make a mistake. The mistress used her boots to dominate him and send him away.

This mistress did not want to cry because her boyfriend had cheated on her. She did something even better by making him a cuckold. She made sure that he learned his lesson by forcing him to watch as she fucked another man and to make it worse, she rode his dick which was bigger than her boyfriend's and she did it raw. He had never been as degraded as he was that day.

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