Female domination Clips - Sexy girls and mistresses dominating male slaves - Page 6

Mistress Clarissa had been made to do some crazy things when her husband won the bet last time. Today she won it and she had to make him get her revenge. The mistress had her man lick the soles of her boots as she sat back, recorded it all and she laughed at him and the faces he made as he licked her boots. It was a great day for her.

Goddess Gabriella wanted to dominate this guy and she did so using her high heels. She kicked him in the face before she ordered him to lick the soles of her high heel boots. The guy did it because he knew that if he did not, she would make him feel even worse pain and be even more humiliated. He was smart in that sense because she was willing to ball crush him.

Mistress Marilyn wanted this stalker to be dominated as well as degraded. That is why she went out of her way to lay a trap for him. When she caught him, she punished him and she did this with her smothering. He was shocked as he never expected to be caught. He did not even know she knew he was a stalker. But the pain he felt from the punishment made him stop stalking.

This guy was too dumb for lady Sarah. She did not want to have to deal with someone like that and that is why she opted to degrade him with her jerk off instructions before she chased him away. The mistress made him do some humiliating things to himself and she had a great time watching as he did what she instructed him to do. He was too dumb to even see that he was being humiliated.

Lady Victoria was convinced that this guy did not have good intentions. That is why she chose to dominate the guy and humiliate him for fun. He did not see any of it coming and he was unprepared for any of it. That is how the guy learned to read people and to avoid being in the same predicament he found himself in. He was teased and denied and he was also made to lick and smell her stinky socks.

This mistress does not like to live a lie. She is an open book and she prefers to be honest as opposed to living in secrecy. Today, the mistress had her boyfriend lick her dirty feet and she also teased and denied him. The guy did not see it coming and when she finally told him why she was doing it, he saw the sense although it was too late.

Lady Despina and her friend wanted to dominate this guy and in so doing, have fun at his expense. The mistresses decided to make him have fun and feel pain all at the same time. That is why one of them trampled him and the other made him masturbate and even assisted him to jerk off. The guy was conflicted in the kind of things he felt at the same time.

Mistress Tatjana needed to teach this guy a lesson because she felt that he did not take things seriously. That is why she opted to use her bare feet to trample the shit out of him. So she had him lie down and she head crushed him for fun. He could not believe what she did to him and the kind of pain he felt as she stomped on his facel.

Mistress Lindsey wanted to tease and deny this guy. He was horny and he was interested in not only hitting on her, but also fucking her. The mistress did not want that to happen so she tied him up and then teased him some more before she left him high and dry. He tried to beg her to let him cum but she did not. He could not believe that she had done that.

Goddess Gabriella did not like how this guy hosted a party in her house. She had asked him to take care of her house and he agreed. She had not asked him to host any party and in fact she had cautioned him against bringing visitors. So she had to punish him and she did so using her trampling and choking fetishes. He never messed up again after that as he knew what she could do to him.

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